How do you keep balance? I have, hands down had one of the most challenging years of my life.

My career is good. I am back in the ICU, remembering why I love being a nurse so incredibly much.

My nutrition is fair, sometimes it is great and sometimes it is not. The days I work, I typically have about 20ish minutes to eat, once in 12 hours. This makes balanced nutrition quite difficult. The job is physically demanding, which is great.

I always meditate, breathe and take at least 10 minutes to quite my mind. This has been the most helpful thing in trying to keep it all together.

It has been difficult in the way that my fella has had so many challenges with his health. It has been exhausting for him, and exhausting for us. There have been hospital stays and many many other personal difficulties working towards getting him back to his “life”. This has thrown my balance off, because I only want to see him well and happy. I keep going back to what I have learned to try to re-center, re-balance (if you will) …. nutrition, yoga, meditation and positive thinking. It has been difficult to say the very least. Neglectful doctors have pushed me FAR past my happy place.

Fortunately, I have a lot of support. Family, has been a great sense of strength and an immense amount of help.

I can feel balance returning. But it has been hard, and I know I am not there yet!! I will keep on trying. Not everyday is successful, but I try everyday, and that is all I can ask of myself.

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