Lost and Found

“I need to find myself”. Do you here people say that and roll your eyes? I can sympathize/empathize with both positions.

After going through major life changes: marriage, divorce, birth, death, career changes, school or simply an interior rebirth; an individual often seeks “who am I”. It is a scary thought that you may be 35 or 40 or 60 and are not quite sure what “makes you tick”. Many start on one path, but end up 30 miles down another path. It is okay. Sometimes you have to reflect, reevaluate and redirect yourself. Constant reflection and being true to yourself will always reset you, redirect your journey.

After finding love and being completely and blissfully happy and without need, I realized that the path my career was on was not fulfilling. Also, my health and wellness had kind of fallen to the back of my list. Time to reflect, reorganize and restructure.

I began looking for a bedside nursing job, because really, that is where I am happiest. “At the bedside” is where I know I feel the most satisfaction, where I make the biggest difference.

I also planned to begin a new program, with and through my coach that is longer, 80 days to concentrate on eating and exercise. This always leads to strength, confidence and all over wellness.

I think the take away lesson is that, there may be short periods of time throughout your life that require a bit of “tweaking”, a little wandering. I believe that is okay. As long as you are open and in pursuit of what is best for you and your tribe you are never lost. I am now just beginning, just starting to gain a little ground again. But I am excited!!!! Here’s to wandering with direction !! Xo

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