You can be in love and still be A WARRIOR WOMAN!!!

So, you’ve got your life together. The divorce is over. Everything you have is yours, and only yours. You have your own space, your career, you have developed a schedule and routine. YOU ARE LOVING this new perfectly ordered and perfectly perfect life. B-A-N-G, love, really!!! You thought that this was never going to happen again.

Believe me, I know the fear. It is a wonderful feeling, where did he come from? You are pleasantly surprised and a little giddy. For me the fear factor never set in. It was just always perfect and always has been (fundamentally). Do we get angry, not really. However, we may disagree. These disagreements are always spoken and calm. However, I have seen and experienced the fear or threat of someone coming in to this newly designed and adored life. It is a heart, soul and brain shatter. If you feel like this: it’s not the right person——-run.

I am so completely in love. It was hard to think and accept on a philosophical level; but practically I have never been so complete. The key to this full feeling in my life is that : I LOVE MYSELF. I wake up everyday and fight the fight for myself. Although it’s not really a fight anymore. I love my life, I love overcoming hurdles, I love meditating to rid myself of fear and anger. I mostly love being the boss of myself, and being a warrior for myself.

I will never stop searching, meditating, trying new things, reflecting and opening my thought processes, opening my heart, bettering my body, mind and soul.

This right here is how I know I am in a relationship that is real, and that is truly ruled by love. I am a warrior for myself, and the man I love wants me to grow, to be myself, to follow my dreams and most importantly to be happy. He loves that I am a warrior for myself, and so do I.

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