What about the Gray Days?

Some days are not perfect. You can meditate, try every yoga pose, eat kale until you feel sick and listen to your favorite music…..nothing seems to add color back to your day. These are the days I find it especially hard to hold on to inner peace, to find order, to smile and to look forward. It is ok to throw on the TV mindlessly, relax and let yourself go. I find these days are highly non-productive, but they certainly serve some function.

I typically do not let this go all day. After I have binge watched Netflix, cuddled with Lucy or Nick or both and slept a bit; I am ready to do something. Often times I feel it is a crash feature of our go-go society. Afterwards, as I am cooking and signing and smiling I can reflect: I know this gray moment (even if it was 5-6 hours) is fleeting.

Some days, I literally have to say to myself out loud “look how far you have come in 3 years”, “look at how much happiness you have”. Typically “that thing” that is causing your “gray moment” is not important.

Also, detoxify your life as much and as often as possible. I am talking about anything bringing you down or threatening your inner peace: people, jobs, foods, unhealthy habits, necessary discussions. Get rid of all the heaviness, all the uncertainty and all the negativity.

Reboot: cleanse your body—veggies, water and low glycemic fruits; cleanse your mind—yoga, meditation, hiking, exercise; cleanse your soul—however you do this….meditation, yoga, church and breathing exercises. Go to bed, sleep, no electronics. Wake up and start again. Your color will return. You choose your color, you choose your happiness and you choose to let go and and wander the path!!!! Happy Friday!

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