Dietary Changes, that will change your life!

First and foremost, I think that we can all agree that “diets”, “diet fads” and all the like are not helpful. Dieting adds to the “weight roller coaster ” that most American women live. Well, I had had enough of it. I was certainly not going to take part in this again. I had found a system, a super food shake and a community of people to support me. I made a lifestyle change. It is not a diet, I have completely changed the way I eat. First, I found that I was not eating enough. I was eating plenty of vegetable but not nearly enough fruit and protein.

In order to change the way I ate, I followed a plan provided to me by Beachbody. This was so easy. I ate a certain number of containers of each kind of food daily as well as the shake. The length of this program was 21 days. I did 3, 21 day programs back to back and I found that I had lost a collective of about 100 pounds. It was completely amazing. My doctor suggested I exercise and wait until my body caught up to do the next program. I had started running, and at that point I kicked it up to 6 miles 4 days per week. The other three days I worked 12 hour shifts at the hospital. After several weeks I began getting up at 4 in order to run before work.

I FELT PHENOMENAL!!!!! I was running, eating, doing yoga, meditating & living life. I was so happy. I sincerely think the weight was falling off related to everything, including the happiness. The happier I became, the easier everything was. It was amazing.

I am now about a year later, having just thoroughly indulged Thanksgiving feasts (yes pleural). I am very ready finally to begin another 21 days to a healthier me. I will be beginning on Monday. Wish me luck. And if you have questions, or would like to know exactly how and what I did, ask. I would love to help ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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