Yoga 🧘‍♀️

At the very beginning of my transformation I was in Austria. My bestie had said that I needed to start yoga again. I began by practicing just a few poses. I would begin with several poses in the morning. After I was comfortable, I began doing a few poses before bed. I noticed that I felt a great reduction in anxiety. I also noted that my muscles were not as sore. These were two improvements that I was excited about.

I had/have struggled with anxiety since I was about 23 years old. It began with a severe panic attack one summer after being up and out all night, followed by a triple shot of espresso the next morning. It was the scariest thing I have experienced. After all kinds of medical testing my physician started treating me for anxiety. If you know anything about western medicine, or reactive medicine, it was a struggle from there. After a long line of different medications, and ten years of struggle I had had it. While in Austria, I tried essential oils, exercise, energy work and the following yoga poses: Legs Up the Wall, Child’s Pose, Cat/Cow Pose, Corpse Pose & of course downward dog. All of these therapies together really turned my life around. I was feeling fantastic. The need for anxiety medication was at an all time low.

In preparation for returning home, I joined a yoga class, and set up time to meditate each day. I continued with yoga, added walking, added running and always took time to meditate. This is this best I have ever felt. I even took Yoga on a body board over that following summer.

I encourage you, try yoga. If you are to shy or self conscious at this moment google the poses I mentioned and begin there. Try it for a month, with real commitment. Your serenity is in your hands, it is in your control, MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!

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