Meditation, how? Why? When?

What exactly does it mean to meditate? How is meditation helpful? Why is it important?

I will tell you that mindful meditation was quite possibly the most difficult exercise or ritual I have yet to experience. Quieting your mind; stopping the daily race going on in your brain; letting the noise go; all such difficult concepts.

In the beginning I had to be surrounded by complete silence and I had an app on my phone which is guided meditation. BEST MONEY I HAVE EVER SPENT. Such a minimal amount of money, maybe 12$ per month, and I have access to endless meditations. I would sit and listen, and for the first 2-3 weeks I almost gave up. It was so difficult to quiet my thoughts and reflect and concentrate on: reducing anxiety, forgiveness, peace, sleep and the list is long. Regardless, everyday, twice per day I would spend the 15 minutes trying. Eventually I was able to meditate. It was an ah ha moment. I randomly noticed I was following the meditation leaders instructions and I could feel my whole body relax. I opened my eyes afterwards and felt so calm, yet energized. After this moment this became a twice daily ritual, which I still follow. It has been so helpful in reducing anxiety and promoting sleep and positivity.

I can only strongly recommend “Calm” app on iPhone. It is by far the most helpful technological tool I have stumbled upon. I also listen to a sleep story nightly at bedtime and have never slept so soundly.

I am so very grateful for meditation. And now I can even do it on my own 😉

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