The Best 2nd FIRST DATE!!!

Don’t wear anything to dressy the cop/farmer said. Just be casual. We had been talking each day. He was so sweet, he was exactly what I thought he would be like. Only this time around he seemed more uninhibited. Good I thought. I didn’t think I was nervous. I put on a really comfortable but cute dress and flip flops. I was nervous. I didn’t know what to expect. I went downstairs and out the front door and he got out of the truck and was walking towards me. Yes, he was still tall, still so handsome, really muscular (that seemed different) and smiling. We said hello, it was minimally uneasy. We sat and talked for a while. What were the plans? He decided we would go to Northampton and walk around and go from there. That sounded great. Our conversation had an easiness about it. We never seemed to run out of conversation; it flowed and kept going. We laughed and smiled. There was a lot of smiling. I love his smile. A genuine smile from this guy would make anyone happy. We ended up walking around and decided to eat dinner at Spoletto (a restaurant we came to really enjoy). He gave me a card, the first card of many (notes, cards, little things); it was a Superman Card. Inside he said “sorry” in his own funny special way. It was so sweet. He did not have to apologize for life and for how things happen, but it was nice. We held hands, he walked closest to the street (he explained that a man is supposed to do that—who knew?). We laughed and joked. We got some frozen yogurt with blueberries and cookie dough chunks. It was amazing. We went to a lovely Irish pub and had a flight of different delicious beers. We talked for hours. We wandered around the streets of NoHo, laughing, chatting……just enjoying each other. It was the simplest, but most perfect date I had ever been on. He asked if he could kiss me, this made my stomach flutter, he gave me that happy feeling in my heart and my head. All I could do was smile. This is a man I want to be around. This is in fact the man who stole my heart so very quickly. This night was the very best, and so is he. How did I become so fortunate?

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