Christmas & New Year’s!!

Christmas and New Year’s Eve were so nice. My Christmas Tree was beautiful. It was exactly how I wanted it. For 10 years I’ve wanted white lights, glass and silver ornaments. Everything was perfect, orderly… was stunning. As is the bestie and little handsome pants. We had our 3 person NYE party. We set the alarm for midnight after an amazing dinner at Latitude, and that was that. I was happy. I was so cozy in my world. Exercise, work, family and friends (in addition to dating—which was a scream). My exclusive non -committed relationship was nice. We talked about art, music, life…..we played with Lucy. It was low pressure, low maintenance and low stress. Of course after about 2 months I decided it was too long, dating with no commitment for several months was silly, and I wasn’t interested in committing to this relationship.

And as much as I loved life in East Longmeadow, I did want to move back to the Berkshires (silly) but I did. The end of March I was back in the Berkshires, but continued on at Baystate.

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