East Longmeadow Antics!

Well, the cop/farmer (interesting combo, right) had been in and out. After the weekend we spent together, I talked to him once again and then he disappeared. It was interesting. I would send a text now and then saying hello, hope you are well etc, but that yielded nothing. And honestly, I was just confused by it.

So, anyway, Baystate….East Longmeadow…Lucy. I started working at Baystate, in the Emergency Room. I loved it! It was big, exciting, fast paced and highly skilled. The difficult piece was trying to learn how to be an ER nurse vs an ICU nurse……these are two completely different animals. I loved learning new things, experiences the rush of the ER—but not being able to spend time with my patients was not something I liked. I made quite a few friends, and a few really great ones. I gained a house mate as well. And best of all, the ex “didn’t want to deal with my nonsense anymore”, so after many horribly toxic interactions of picking up and dropping off my dog, I took her and kept her. That was just fine with him, and I was happy to have her. I can confidently say that aside from my two very best friends, she has been the only constant in my life for the past 9 years. I LOVE LUCY!!!!

East Longmeadow was so different than VT. I continued on with my health and fitness journey, Lucy and I became regulars at the dog park and I found a nail spa that was my favorite part of the week. I loved the girls there, and they got a complete kick out of my life.

The dating scene was nothing less than hilarious. I was not really in to anyone. Nevertheless, I continued along. It was fun, confidence building and lightened the horror that the ER sometimes had to offer.

I wish that I could tell you what was “wrong” with every date or guy I met, but honestly (aside from some real funny/horrifying experiences) they simply were not for me.

I began to realize that I liked being me, with Lucy, but by myself. I spent a lot of time alone, and I liked it. I had a routine, and I rarely deviated from that. One of my friends loved the day after stories of “dating disasters”. Not that they were necessarily all disasters, just no-goes. Ha. I cannot help but smirk as I am writing this. There were a few guys I saw more than once: and a pseudo “exclusive, non-committed relationship”—which was interesting. But I was simply in a great relationship with myself.

I always wondered what happened to the cop/farmer, there was something strange about why I couldn’t shake his memory, but couldn’t remember last Friday’s date night.

I continued along. I had made some friends outside of work as well. It was good. I was now down a total of about 130 pounds. I really felt amazing. My eating habits and intake were on point. I felt great about my life, I was adjusting to ER life and very comfortable in my home.

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