I love VT

I was really enjoying life. I loved living in my little flat in Middlebury. My runs were beautiful; work was literally 2 minutes down the street; I loved exploring on my days off; paddle board yoga was a blast. I had been on some dates that were nothing short of interesting; I felt so healthy; I loved everything about life. This was a very healthy, happy and tranquil environment.

The only thing I really missed was Acute care. The ICU I worked in was more like a Med/Surg with IV medication titrating capabilities. I really wanted to work at a level one trauma center. I applied to Baystate in Springfield MA. The next thing I knew I was interviewing and accepting a job as an ER nurse. ICU to ER, I don’t know what I was thinking. I was ready though.

I was very sad to be leaving Middlebury and all the comfort and happiness. However, I was ready to charge ahead. “Jack”, always supportive, was happy for me. I was really going to miss him and his friendship. Not that the friendship would end, but he would be so far away. No more hanging around drinking wine, hiking and having chicken and veggies after a long day.

In other news at the beginning of September I met the cop/farmer, in what would pan out to be the weirdest weekend of my life. Also, it would be the beginning of something interesting. I do not feel the details of the weekend are necessary, only that for whatever reason, I really liked this guy. He made me laugh, and he paid attention to detail. It was memorable.

So back to my journey. I went and looked at houses in East Longmeadow MA. I found a lovely house, rented it and moved in. I’m excited to share this chapter with you. It is part of my journey I really enjoyed.

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