A new me

Just like that I was back. I was exhausted. I was living in one room at my parent’s house. I had been home 12 hours and I was heading north to Middlebury VT for an interview. I was oddly at peace and happy, although it was quite a squeeze. My sister and the kids were moving and they were also at my parent’s house. There was no privacy, I was waking up to the boys in my face at 6-7. However, this was all ok.

The interview was at a small little hospital. They needed someone to work in their ICU while they trained their nurses. I met some truly amazing nurses that I still talk to. Also, that is when I met my first new friend from the world of “online intrigues”. He was funny, kind and in a similar position that I was. We had a lot in common, and were also quite different. We became friends quite easily. We are still very good friends today. I am so grateful for his friendship. I am also grateful that he was there for me to talk, to hang out, to EAT CHICKEN. It was a little scary and a bit lonely just up and moving to Middlebury. I loved it though. My parents helped me a great deal as I was cut off from all of my money and not given any of it for quite some time (as frustrating as it was and is if I think of it…..I chose and choose to let it go)!!! I continued to do the 40 day exercise via my book with Gabby B. It was amazing. I began drinking shakeology and using one of my favorite eating plans “the 21 day fix”. I was shopping at the co-op and eating really whole and healthy. The pounds were literally dropping off of me. I was doing yoga 2-3x per day, I was meditating, eating healthy and making lots of new acquaintances/friends. My divorce was moving along and I was able to still see the love of my life: Lucy, an 85 pound lab who is my ride or die.

I had started talking to a guy who was really interesting. He had been a farmer, he was also law enforcement before. He was funny, and interesting and intelligent. I found all of these things important. He was entertained by my complete lack of ability to stay on track with one thought in a paragraph (which I am positive all of you readers notice as well). He was going through some major life changes as well. He valued natural and simple life. I liked that. It was nice to talk to someone who had similar values.

On my days off I would get up out of bed, I noticed I awoke with a smile; I would do about 1/2 hour of yoga and shower. Next I would have a shake and some eggs. Then I would shower and be off. There were so many beautiful places to explore near Middlebury. Small markets, hiking, Lake Champlain, back roads. I was so happy and free. The happier I became the more quickly the weight disappeared. It was amazing. After I finished my first 21 day fix, I had lost almost 40 pounds. Yes, 21 days, 40 pounds. I felt awesome. It was around that time that I began running. At first a mile, walking and jogging. Then it was about 2 miles, within a month and a half I was running 6 miles per day and I loved it. I NEVER loved running, and in the previous 9 years I hated all exercise. But here I was killing it. Work was ok, it definitely wasn’t stressful and I loved living in Middlebury. My first new friend….let’s call him Jack, and I would have dinner, hike, watch TV and fall asleep. He was a great friend, a good listener, especially with all the I had going on.

I was def moving a positive direction. I felt happiness from deep inside bursting out everywhere. How did this all happen? I was moving past my fears? I was turning all that could be hate or negativity in to love. Life was amazing……I couldn’t believe everything I had been missing. I was SO ALIVE.

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