Back to Reality

One of my very last days in Austria we spent in Vienna. It was only May but unseasonably hot. We spent the afternoon by the Danube soaking up the sun, enjoying the company of friends and eating ice cream. I watched, laughed and reflected. I was ready to go back to the Berkshires and straighten out my life. I wasn’t sure exactly what I would do for work; I had no idea how this looming divorce would go; I did not want to leave Austria where I felt happy and supported; but THIS day, this particular day was superb.

I had been chatting on the “dating” sites a bit. I found that I actually had a lot of very simple interests, and that the things I really really desired were very basic: happiness, health and to be surrounded by love and honesty. My marriage had been such a cycle of omissions. That was not going to happen again. I had already met some really interesting people. Everyone had a story, and wanted to know yours. Some people had always been single, some people were divorced, some separated, some looking for friendly chatter and some more. It was at the very least entertaining.

I am trying to write my journey with some respect to chronology, however, there is much that is out of order. As I move along I believe timing will be more accurate.

So…….the morning came. I said goodbye through tears, like I always did, and jumped on the plane. Life was becoming very real. I had 1.5 days of travel ahead of me, I was tired already. Lift off, a time for reflection and review.

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