Gabby B

I had arrived in Vienna (Austria) anxious, sad and delirious. I was there to support my best friend and her family; mostly her mom through the dying process. I had done this a million times as a nurse, but it was so different. My life was an absolute disaster: I had just quit my job, basically ditched my marriage of 8 years and was not ready for this woman I loved dearly to die in my care. Nonetheless, here I was, all 300 unhappy pounds of me. I cried as I hugged my friend. How comforting it was to see her. I felt safe. I went over and assessed her mom. She was very frail, she seemed scared, she was definitely not well. She wanted to know how I was, I wanted to cry uncontrollably. But I smiled and rubbed her feet with some oils as she rested I went back to my friend. We drank two bottles of wine and discussed life. We discussed how unhappy I was with all aspects. We discussed how I needed to officially end my marriage, move on, reclaim my life, my happiness, my health. It all began then; or so we had decided. I picked up the book she gave me “Miracles May Happen” by Gabby Bernstein. This is the very moment my whole world began to change.

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