This is Where it all began?

“I am done today, and I am leaving on a flight to Austria in two days so there is no discussion”. My boss looked at me as though I were crazy.  I proceeded to tell her everything about my high paying Nurse Management job that made me unhappy.  I then got up, grabbed a few photos and left. I felt as though I had lost 50 pounds; which at nearly 300pounds would have been a blessing.

I arrived “home”. The back story is that my best friend (Silvie, of whom you’ll hear more of) had called and asked me to come to Austria. Her mom was dying of cancer and needed me ASAP.  All of these things were making my head spin. I told my then husband I was going to Austria in a few days and I would talk to him, but right now I didn’t care what he said.  All that said I packed and left, for what I knew was for good.  I WAS FREE!!!!  For the first time in 10 years I felt free, and happy.

I drank a bottle of wine by myself at the airport. I began to get nervous about all the major decisions that I had just made. However, I just took a few deep breaths and hopped on the plane. What was ahead of me?  What had I just done?  Where would I come home to?  How would I make money?  Who was I, if I was not a nurse?  What would I do if I only had myself?  I had a drink and a benedryl.           More to come…

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